Home Performance

At Palmers, we are Building Performance Institute (BPI)-qualified home performance specialists. We can evaluate your home’s performance to ensure you are getting the maximum value, comfort and energy savings from your HVAC system, building envelope and insulation, and all your duct work.

Energy Audits

A BPI-qualified technician will perform a comprehensive energy audit to test for problems affecting your home’s safety, health, durability, and energy efficiency. We use a variety of diagnostic tools including infrared cameras, blower door tests, and duct balancing to detect air leaks and moisture.  

Home Performance Report

We will diagnose the root cause of any weaknesses in your home’s overall performance and present a strategy to help you reduce energy loss. Recommendations may include upgrading HVAC equipment, duct sealing, and installing new windows. Upgrades will pay for themselves over time as they reduce your monthly energy bills, but there are a number of incentive programs that can help to make Home Performance more affordable. Learn more